Pakistan lifts ban on import of Indian medicines to avoid crisis

Pakistani drug manufactures warned the Government of Pakistan that shortage of Indian medicines could result in serious consequences for the people in Pakistan. Since Pakistan relies on India for critical life saving meds, the ban on Indian medicines was causing severe problems to the people of Pakistan.

Zahid Saeed, former Chairman of the Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (PPMA) says

Pakistan is importing some finished products including Anti Rabies Vaccine (ARV), Anti Snake Sera, and some vaccines to prevent diseases like Extensively Drug Resistant (XDR) Typhoid and other disease, which are not produced in our country. Similarly, raw material to manufacture many essential drugs is also being imported from India. If these imports are stopped, there would be an extreme shortage of essential drugs in the country.

The Pakistani government on Aug 9 last year suspended all kinds of trade with India after India’s decision to scrap Article 370 from the constitution on August 5, 2019. Pakistan as usual made a U-Turn and lifted the ban on Indian medicines fearing the consequences.

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